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Pastor Roger


Ok, I have to admit, there is a particular show on the TLC network that often brings me to tears. I guess it impacts me so greatly because it reminds me, how we too, have been given life and are endlessly loved by our heavenly father.


Even when we were far away from God, his love was always there. Even when we lived without the knowledge of God's love, as is the case in so many adoption stories. God’s desire has always been that we walk in joy, freedom and a life of fulfillment.


The show is called  "Long Lost Family" and is hosted by Chris and Lisa. They both use their investigative skills to bring parents and children back together who have been separated by adoption. Both Chris and Lisa were once on that quest as well.


The emotion is gripping when a mother’s search has finally ended. Her son is found. When a daughter is finally told of her mom, “we found her.”


Years of searching for the mother that she always wondered about. When a son finally looks into the eyes of his father.


One young girl says as they begin the search, “I know nothing about who I am and the one that created me.” Think about it, we as well are on a journey to know who we are as we discover our father in heaven.


Lisa responds on one story, “I was adopted too, I understand completely what you’re going through and we are driven to help others desperate for answers.”


Shouldn’t that be our quest as well? Driven to help others find their creator who loves them?


On one episode, a man searching for his son says, “I just won the world series” May we never forget the joy of those searching for their Creator.


Lisa says to a young girl when giving her a letter from her long lost mom, “she also wanted me to tell you that she wanted you to have a better life, the life you deserve.” Wow, that’s what our heavenly father wants for his children and why our savior went to the cross. “A better life.”


At some point, they always pull out a picture of the mother or father for whom they have been searching. The son or daughter is moved to tears as they have finally found their identity.


Years of searching, finished. Looking at the photo saying, “There I am, a reflection of the one who created me.”


Is that your desire? To reflect your heavenly father?

Then they finally meet for the first time.  “Come close!”... “I’m so glad to hold you!”... “I’m so happy!”

The embraces are always overwhelming.


A mom says, “Not a birthday went by that you weren’t thought of.”

A common response is,“You remembered?” To which you’ll always here ...“Of course!”

A child often says, “Thank you for what you went through to have me, I know it was difficult.” Might I say, certainly the cross was difficult as well?


Parents says, “I never forgot about you. I wanted the best for you. I wanted you to know that whatever you needed, you had.”


Wow, do you know how much Christ wants for us and the pain he went through so that we can live our dreams?


One parent said, “If you weren’t adopted, you would’ve remained in the ghetto.” Yes, we would have remained In a hopeless condition without Christ.


One mom says, “This is the day that I will always remember, I just hope that we can continue to stay in touch.” That’s right my friend, we need to stay in touch with our creator. A relationship alive and vibrant.


A girl says, “Now I have answers and I know how much you wanted me.” The reply? “And I will be there for you always”


May we never lose the passion to share God’s love by communicating and demonstrating God’s love by introducing them to their Creator, their Father in heaven.


Ephesians 1:5

"He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will."



Pastor Roger

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