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Pastor Roger

A few days ago, I completely removed the bottom drawer out of a cabinet in our master bathroom from the home we purchased several years ago. You know the drill, you stuff a drawer way too full and the items on top fall behind the drawer into a location potentially never to be seen again.


There it was. An old Y2K pamphlet. A relic from the past. I was hoping with all my heart that the previous owners adhered to the information in the pamphlet warning them of the looming disaster to come and survived. I stared at it wondering how we ever really got through that most horrific time of world history. How could we forget? ..... how all of our computers completely shut down!!!


Don't you remember? It was like the world came to a standstill. Transportation stopped, grocery stores were empty and we were all starving to death. I remember it vividly. Everybody roaming the street like zombies. Our homes with no electricity because the national electrical grid was completely shut down. Banks were closed, we could not get to our money!!!


I remember waking up that morning, wishing I would've listened, I wish I would've been prepared. Aren't you glad GOD'S words really are faithful, true  and can be trusted. He knows the end from the beginning.


Psalms 34:4 "For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does."

Pastor Roger

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