A Note From
Pastor Roger

1 Corinthians 3:7 -
"So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow."

I remember as a boy rummaging through an old drawer and finding a little packet of seeds. It was obvious that they had been there for a long time as the packet looked faded and worn.

I wondered if that delicious looking vegetable so beautifully displayed on the packet would really grow if I planted them.

Those poor little seeds never had the opportunity to be planted in the right environment.


In order for seeds to germinate, they need water, the right temperature (warmth) and a good location (soil). It was the atmosphere that would make the difference!


I could have “thought about it” and “wondered” forever, but the fact is, they HAD to be planted.
It was all about the atmosphere.

We plant “spiritual seeds” in many different ways. Then, by faith and prayer, we water them. But make no mistake, the seed NEEDS to be planted. There NEEDS to be action. It does no good to keep them in the packet… (our heart)


We plant seeds in our children through words and actions, believing that “at the proper time” they will produce fruit. (Don’t ever give up)
The other day I was listening to my son Austin play the guitar. It brought back a vivid memory of just a couple years ago. I decided to take a few seeds out of my bank account (money) and buy him a guitar. That’s really what I thought.


It was just seed to me. As he held that nice Taylor guitar, my prayer was, “God, water the seed and cause it to grow. Let this guitar’s new environment produce fruit." (music).


The guitar went from the environment of hanging on a shelf in a music store to being held. It did, it did produce fruit and continues to grow!
Honestly, I can’t remember if I ever planted those seeds in that old, faded packet. In fact, I wonder if they ever got planted at all?


-Pastor Roger

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