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Hello Church family!

Teresa and I have been in California, for the Children To Love Reunion/Anniversary.
Children To Love is the organization in Romania, that I was proud to be Director of during our time there.
We've had a wonderful time seeing friends that we haven't see in years, and some of the children that have grown up there, now serving with CTL!

We have missed our church family, and are headed back to Pensacola today.

I'm excited to share the 6th part of our "How To Live Through A Bad Day" series this Sunday!
This series has been incredible, and all of the Pastors & teachers who've shared during the series have done a fantastic job!
I also want to extend a personal invitation to YOU, to come and join me, and some of our Pastors & Staff for our April "Next Step" class. This is a great opportunity for us to meet you, for you to hear a little of our stories, and to get plugged in more here at the Church.
We meet from 10:30AM, until noon, and then I enjoy getting have lunch with you!
We proved FREE childcare, and bring in some of Pensacola's finest pizza from Georgio's.
We'll meet Saturday, April 6th right here at the Rex. Will you join me?
Sign up on a connect card, or click this link!




Pastor Roger

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