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Pastor Roger



This week, our staff had the opportunity to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina to take part of Elevation Church's event "Inside Elevation".


This conference allows church staff, and leadership to go inside the workings of a growing church, that is all about reaching their cities for God in such an incredible way!


We were inspired by the talented and amazing worship, learned specific details of our unique positions in breakout sessions, and were challenged, blessed and re-charged by 3 amazing sessions with Senior Pastor, Steven Furtick.


Our staff, our Crew, and our church family are the heartbeat of Generation Church, and we are looking forward to taking what we saw, and what we learned and putting it into action here.


We LOVE serving you, with you, and doing life together!


2017...the best is yet to come!



Pastor Roger

One thought on “A NOTE FROM PASTOR ROGER – 3/22/17

  1. I am thrilled to hear that you all went ! He & his ministry have played a good part in hearing from the Lord & having the courage to step out & get the process of moving to Pensacola actually happening ! I recently got several of his sermon series & worship cd w/ the song”Evidence ” (I believe) during which he is calling the church to “Move Now” ! He of course meant into the streets with the gospel, but… can’t wait to see the impacts that come from your time there !

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