A Note From
Pastor Roger
"The Garbage Disposal"

My sweet little daughter Erin purchased a dishwasher and a nice new garbage disposal to go along with it. I of course, as Dad, felt compelled to install it all.

As I pulled the garbage disposal out of the box it reminded me of a funny little story that came from the mouth of another pastor.

Evidently, he moved into a home in which the garbage disposal did not work. He never attempted to “investigate further” or in any way resolve the issue. Year after year, there hung the garbage disposal at the bottom of the sink, unproductive and dormant.

Upon selling the home, he had to have it inspected. The inspector noticed the garbage disposal didn't work. He immediately kneeled down, grabbed a little wrench (attached to the garbage disposal) inserted it into the bottom of the garbage disposal, gave one little twist, (freeing up the jam) and it instantly worked perfectly.

Can you imagine? All those years, cleaning out the sink trap by hand, never taking advantage of that handy little appliance.
All those years of non-use. Something so simple. A little wrench just waiting to be used.

What are you living with today that is a simple little fix? A simple little twist.
Maybe a decision that could free up new hope or a conversation that could bring clarity or healing.

Possibly a simple prayer that’s prayed in faith that God really desires to answer. Is it an idea, or action? Maybe it's a promise in God's word that you simply need to hold onto. Yes, just a simple promise waiting to be utilized.

What are you neglecting or ready to give up on, and there's this little wrench?
You just need to use it! The whole reason for existence of that little wrench was just to be used for that little hiccup, that little jam.

Matt 9:21 She said to herself, "if I only touch his cloak, I will be healed."

- Pastor Roger

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