A Note From
Pastor Roger





A few weeks ago, I took this wonderful picture of my mother and I...Ok, might've been a little longer than that!



YES, mother's Day is coming!
My mom???  Wow...where would I start?



The fact is, ALL little kids, believe their mom is THE BEST. However, the real challenge for any parent comes as each child progresses in age.



Certainly all children will one day realize that their mom is human. All moms come with their struggles and flaws.



This is the point where I REALLY begin to brag. My mom just gets better and better:)



Check out these fun facts:
- My mom and dad are still married and have been married for 65 years.
- My father is 86 and my mom is 83.
- They have six children, 4 girls and 2 boys.
- They have 20 grandchildren and 26 great grand children (3 of them in the oven)



My mom was an only child and wanted a big family. She got it! She deeply loves the Lord Jesus Christ and committed her life to him at the young age of 16. She raised her children to serve God whole- heartily and has always accompanied that with a powerful prayer life.



Though I often fall short in "touching base" by getting caught up in the many demands and details in this life, my mom is always present. Always positive, always there.



Her quick phone call (often apologizing that it "might be" an inconvenient time), the latest family news or just an encouraging word, she's there.



Never demanding, just loving, just glad to hear my voice.. She's Amazing. She's a gift from heaven.
She loves life. She loves and lives for that which is her most precious possession, her family.




Mom, I love you.

Pastor Roger

One thought on “A NOTE FROM PASTOR ROGER – 5/9/17

  1. Yes, I can attest to this tribute as she a wonderful friend. She has been such a good mother in law to my oldest daughter and a great and special grandmother to my oldest grandson and my granddaughters and granddaughter in law. Love you, Marilyn☺

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