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Pastor Roger


“A stitch in time saves nine”


I love little quotes, idioms and proverbs. Who doesn’t, right?


They seem to sum up powerful truths and rules to live by packing a pretty powerful punch.


Not too long ago, I used this phrase on someone and it caught them by surprise. I had to explain it as they seemed a little confused.


The simple meaning is, repair something as soon as it is damaged. That would be a small repair job. If not, you’ll have a much bigger and more expensive repair job later.


Do it now, and you will need one stitch. Do it later, then you’ll need nine stitches. (obviously, “time” rhymes with “nine”)..... but it sure could take a whole lot more than nine.


There are many situations in our lives that need immediate attention. It is better to spend a little time to deal with problems and act right now than to wait!
If we wait, things could get much worse and it will take much longer to deal with them.
It might even be beyond repair.


Maybe it’s a conversation or phone call you need to have. Maybe it’s a prompting in your spirit for some action that you need to take.
Maybe it’s a move on the chessboard of life that is detrimental to future success and the time is “ripe” ...


A stitch in time, saves nine. Start stitching! Or, the tear will continue to grow and grow and grow.


Proverbs 27:23
"Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds."


Pastor Roger

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