A Note From
Pastor Roger
Isn't this a nice picture?
It was hanging on the wall at a medical office that I visited last week.

I thought, wow, look how beautiful and elegant that tree is as it stands totally alone in that field.
I also relished the thought of how amazing it would be to wake up each morning and have a front row seat gazing at those beautiful mountains as did the tree.

Alone, yet flourishing. I felt like the mountains were saying, "you're not alone, we're here, we see you and we are with you. We are part of your greatness."

Greatness and majesty peering down on that beautiful little tree.

No wonder it's flourishing, it's a part of something much bigger. Oh yea, do you know what else? It was the tree AND the mountains that made the picture so beautiful.

As the majesty of God is the backdrop of our life, that my friend, is what brings such beauty. That is the complete picture.

You're never alone. The greatness of God surrounds your life bringing strength, growth, and beauty.

Hosea 14:6
His shoots shall spread out; his beauty shall be like the olive, and his fragrance like Lebanon.

- Pastor Roger

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