A Note From
Pastor Roger



Malachi 3:6 says, "For I am the LORD; I change not..."



Recently, I had a conversation about how much things have changed in our city. What once was either neglected or never built upon is now being developed. What once was vacant land is now becoming a thriving area.



Change can be good. Often change is needed for progress.



However, change is often a forced result of things, “gone bad”.
A broken relationship because of a bad choice. A physical loss because of neglect. A plant now withered from lack of water...the list is seemingly endless.



I am so glad that Jesus is our rock.
As it says in Malachi 3:6, The Lord does not change. He is the foundation and there are principles that we must live by that do not change.



During this time of 21 Days of Prayer, what has changed in your life that is bringing negative results, even damage?
How has your relationship with the Lord changed? He does not change, we do.



Let us not neglect pursuing the unmovable, all powerful love of God and all that is available in him. Let us fully hold on to that which is a sure foundation and unchanging.


Pastor Roger

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