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Pastor Roger



"Oh magnify the Lord."



I remember as a boy spending many hours with a simple magnifying glass. It was power in my hands. It was magic.



I could literally harness the suns rays and do all sorts of fun things.

Light a leaf on fire, or burn my initials into a piece of wood.



Then of course, I could use it for its intended purpose of enlarging things, like the little unsuspecting ant as it walked along carrying and object 10 times its size.



Magnification doesn’t make the object any bigger than it actually is, it simply enlarges your view. It allows you to see details that are hidden without magnification.



When you worship, you magnify God.


Your circumstances may seem to be so large and so powerful that they are all you can see.


But, when you worship, you not only magnify God, you also reduce the size and power of everything else around you. You shrink the supposed power of the enemy.



The greatest thing that you can do in the midst of the battle is to magnify the Lord.



Psalm 34:1

"I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth."



Pastor Roger

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