A Note From
Pastor Roger



I can't say enough, how much I enjoyed our At The Movies series, and what a fantastic job our staff & ministry leaders did in creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for us all!
Our awesome Media team, for hours spent filming, and editing to perfection; the speakers, capturing incredible "parables" from each movie, that added richly to our lives; the decorations, the characters in the lobby greeting us each week; the Host Team providing delicious 1st Impressions to our guests, and of course our amazing Family Ministries team...transforming the 3rd floor to a whole different world for our precious kiddos!



To the entire team who made this series happen, I want to personally say thank you! You are a HUGE blessing to Generation Church!



This Sunday, we're shifting gears, and beginning a new series entitled "Book of Prayers" coupled with 21 Days of Prayer.
I truly believe this will be such a sweet, special time for us as a church family.
Prayer is key to everything we do, and how we live our lives.



Along with the messages, our staff & some of our church members will be sharing a "SOAP" devotional each morning, on Facebook live.
SOAP, is a journaling devotional we've done many times here, that stands for Scripture, Observation, Application & Prayer...I'll be sharing one during the service this Sunday, that will launch the 21 days. It's going to be a great time!



I look forward to sharing this journey with you!



Pastor Roger

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