A Note From
Pastor Roger

OK, so let me explain the picture.
It was taken last month, mid August, from a bus window.

I was on the five hour journey back to the Guatemala City airport.
We were coming from the, "Hope of Life" ministry center located in the more remote part of the country.

The road was very narrow, and the traffic was backed up for miles as bulldozers and huge excavators were blasting into the mountain in order to widen the highway.
No small task, probably a project that will take years.

As the mountains and tons of rock were being blasted and removed from the mountain, everything would soon fall.
Vegetation, holding on for dear life, as the very ground in which its roots were secure would soon be undermined.

And there it stood, that one little tree.
I'm not quite sure how or why it was still there, maybe it's time had not yet come...eventually it will, but I began to think how so many times I've been like that little tree.

I've seen God's saving hand in my life.
Holding, protecting, and guarding that little tree in scary surroundings.

God does that. When the path is steep, and it's quite scary down below. When we feel like the mountain is crumbling below, He's there, holding, protecting, guarding.

He's the rock that can't be blasted or removed as a secure foundation.
He IS our secure foundation.

Isaiah 41:13
"For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you!"

Pastor Roger

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