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Bible school

Generation Bible School

Exposure to the raw Word of God will change your life The purpose of Generation Bible School is to bring the teaching of the church back to the church. We believe the local church is the central clearinghouse for all that God is doing in the earth today. God has chosen to use the church, and the church must be prepared for the work ahead.
Here are a few answers to questions about Generation Bible School:


What is Generation Bible School (GBS)?

We are a local church ministry functioning to serve the local body of believers with a structured Bible training curriculum. Make no mistake; we are not an informal Bible study per se. We feature a real classroom setting, and by doing so, we accentuate testing and homework.


Is GBS an accredited program?

No. We have a long term goal of becoming accredited with a non-government agency. However, at this point, we are not.


When/Where are the classes?

Each class meets once a week at the REX Theatre for at least two terms (spring and fall) per year, with the possibility of a third term in the summer months. Our typical class time is 6-8:30 PM


Do I need any prior knowledge of the Bible to take these classes?

No, absolutely not. No matter what your background in the Bible, you will benefit from these classes.


How much does each class cost?

$40 suggested donation per class. This covers the cost of your book, any food we serves, tuition and overhead. Typically, pizza or a suitable alternative will be served at the first class, the midterm and the last class.


Will I be graded?

Yes. We will give three tests for each class. A pre-test will be given to gauge your current knowledge of the subject material. There will also be a midterm and a final. The pre-test does not count towards your class grade. We also require homework and class participation. Your homework is credited towards your grade. HarvestU

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