A Note From
Pastor Roger


We all have that drawer. You know, the one that seems to collect an assortment of odds and ends that will never be used.


Rummaging through that drawer I found a compass. I've had it for many years. It has certainly seen its days of travel.
Planes, cars, trains, shipped across the ocean, different homes, different states... traveling the highways of America in some random box on a semi truck. No joke, it has really been on all those avenues of travel.


The whole time, faithfully finding north. Rarely noticed, never really appreciated, just faithfully pointing north.
I guess pointing north really wasn't work for it, it was just naturally doing what it was created to do. Point north. No effort, no worry, no confusion...just north.


I'm sure it wasn't discouraged that I wasn't noticing it's continual, faithful service. It was designed that way, to point north.


It's back in the drawer again. It will most likely sit there for many more years to come. It's red little needle, faithfully pointing north. But I'm really glad I have it.
I will open up the drawer every once in a while, yep, there you are. I will pick it up, maybe turn it 360° for fun. But it brings me comfort knowing, it will ALWAYS point north.


John 6:38
"For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me.



Pastor Roger

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