During each service, we sing four songs together that celebrate our faith in God. The Bible calls this type of expression “praise and worship” and one of our Core Values is to “worship God wholeheartedly and without shame.” Our music is energetic, intentional, passionate, and sincere. We often hear from those joining us for the first time that they feel a rush of God’s love during worship. The first song starts right at 9 or 10:30 AM, so give yourself time to grab some free coffee in the lobby before finding your seat.

Worship Team Mission

We seek to provide an atmosphere where people can ENGAGE with God

Through Christ-centered worship resulting in LIFE CHANGE.


"He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in Him." Psalms 40:3

Our Chord Values

Just as a guitarist spends time making sure that each of the six strings of his guitar is properly tuned, we are to make sure that we are in tune with our “chord” values: EADGBE
  • Enjoy God: it's for Him, by Him, through Him, to Him
  • Actively create: a creative community with homegrown songs
  • Deny ourselves: servants & friends of God and one another
  • Grow daily: in our personal lives and with the team
  • Be excellent: in character, competency, chemistry and culture
  • Enjoy the journey: we have fun!

Worship Team Leaders

Bryan Ost
Associate Pastor
Pastor Bryan is the spiritual head of the team. His role consists in shepherding, training and encouraging the team, as well as recruiting people as needed. He also serves as worship leader for Weekend Services. Pastor Bryan and his team of band coaches collaborate on song selections, songwriting, and managing the team and team activities.
Lisa Glover
Church Administrator
Lisa plays keys and leads vocals. She helps Pastor Bryan lead worship, screen and train new vocalists, arrange new songs, and manage the team schedule.
Stephen Robinson
Technical Director
Stephen plays the sound console. He recruits, trains, and coordinates all technical and media teams, ensuring an excellent audio, video, and lighting experience.
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