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Whether traveling on a missions trip to Romania to help orphans or supporting Teen Challenge right here in Pensacola, you can join us as we partner with multiple organizations around the globe, helping people know Christ and make Him known. A portion of every dollar you give goes “beyond these walls” to an awesome local or international organization or missionary. To give to missions, visit our giving page
Partnered with Adi and Flori Galiger
Adi and Flori are Romanian nationals who started “Biserica Impact,” a local church in Oradea, the capital city of Bihor County, one of the most important economic, social and cultural centers in Western Romania. The Galiger’s vision is to mobilize the “church outside the church” and meet the needs of their local community with social justice projects such as renovating rooms in the public hospitals of Oradea. Check out Adi and Flori on Facebook.
Partnered with Bill and Chrys Robinson
Missions Heart Costa Rica
Bill and Chrys Robinson are passionate about their calling to work with families in Costa Rica through outreach and discipleship, and are full time Field workers with Modern Day Missions. Chrys is a riding instructor, using Equine therapy to promote healing from emotional trauma in youth at risk, specifically working with teenage girls who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry in San Jose. She also teaches English conversation classes daily. Bill volunteers for a non profit organization hosting environmental care and beach clean up educational programs, and ministering to the participants through daily discipleship and prayer. Bill and Chrys work with the lost and forgotten people on the streets of San Jose and the city of Puntarenas through outreach and ministry building relationships that open up people's hearts to hear the gospel and introduce them to the healing power and love of Jesus Christ. Keep up with their latest news here
Partnered with World Help
Guatemala Village Transformation
World Help is a Christian humanitarian organization that exists to serve the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world. Since inception, they have impacted more than 70 million people in 76 countries through their global programs—reaching the darkest corners of earth with the light of Christ’s radical love. Their strategy is based on the belief that true transformation is only possible when the needs of the body and soul are addressed simultaneously, starting with clean water. Learn more here!
Partnered with Austin Hirth

Austin Hirth spent almost his entire childhood in Romania where his parents, Roger and Teresa Hirth, were missionaries for 10 years. After returning to Romania in a recent Generation Church missions trip, Austin fell in love once again with the Romanian language, culture, and most importantly, people.  He decided he wanted to be used by God helping the Romanian people, and he is in process of raising the necessary support to return. Once in Romania, he will help the local church, Biserica Impact, with church activities, service projects, and as a translator. Check out Austin’s profile on the Globe International website.

Partnered with Mark and Denise Ost
Mark and Denise Ost have served together internationally for almost 40 years, walking in the steps of Mark’s father and grandfather. Mark and Denise’s seven children are all in ministry, and their oldest son, Bryan Ost, who serves as our very own worship pastor, is a fourth generation missionary! In the city of Paris, where less than 1% of the population are Christians, Mark and Denise focus on planting local churches and equipping and mentoring pastors to reach Parisians for Jesus. Check out the Ost’s website for more info.
Partnered with Ian and Teresa Skelley
all over the world
Ian and Teresa are missionographers (videographer missionaries) who film and produce inspiring programs, showcasing the lives of missionaries and helping them raise awareness and support. Ian and Teresa also help train and launch new missionographers all over the world. Check out Ian and Teresa’s profile on the Globe International website.
Partnered with Loaves and Fishes
in Loaves and Fishes is a Pensacola-based ministry focused on reaching homeless men, women and children in an effort to meet their needs both spiritually and materially. Their soup kitchen feeds close to 5,000 meals each month, and their emergency family shelter houses up to 10 families for 3 weeks at a time. They also operate a thrift store, and they provide after-school tutoring for children whose families are staying at the shelter. Check out Loaves and Fishes’ website for more info.
Partnered with Teen Challenge
Teen Challenge is an international drug rehabilitation program started in 1960 by David Wilkerson who brought the Gospel to the worst gangs of New York City. Their mission is to help youth, adults, and families with life-controlling problems, become established in society through faith-based mentoring, counseling, education and job training. They have one of the highest success rates in the world, with 225 centers in the United States, and 800 centers in 91 countries. Check out Teen Challenge’s website for more info.
Partnered with Jacob and Betsy Smith
Southeast Asia
Jacob and Betsy Smith joined the Within Reach Global team in 2018, and together have had extensive experience leading mission programs to more than 60 countries.   Jacob serves as the Director of Operations. Within Reach is sharing the Gospel among the 346 unreached people groups in Southeast Asia.   They currently reside with their 4 children in Chiang Mai Thailand as the organization they serve reaches into the most remote villages of China and Myanmar.   For more information visit the Smith’s Facebook Page.
Partnered with Josh and Diana Britnell
Josh and Diana Britnell served as missionaries in Nicaragua for two years where they rescued abused and neglected children, giving them a safe place to receive the care they needed and to learn about the love of Jesus Christ. In 2016, Josh and Diana felt God was calling them to Mexico, where Josh serves as Director of Operations for Misión Global. Josh believes God wants to raise an army of missionaries out of Mexico who will boldly go where the gospel has not been preached. Check out Josh and Dianna’s profile on the Globe International website.
Partnered with Mark and Michelle Fittz
Serve Hope
Mark and Michelle Fittz founded Serve in Honduras with their five children. After becoming an architect, Mark felt called to use his gifts to serve the poor in Honduras. Through working with numerous churches, God birthed the idea of Serve Hope to help local churches transform their communities with the Gospel through meeting tangible needs of water and shelter. Check out Serve Hope's website.
Partnered with King of Kings
Chad and Rebecca, along with their 3 children, made aliyah in July of 2014. Chad was the Senior Leader of Brit Hadasha Messianic Jewish Synagogue in Memphis, prior to their move. Chad began in full time ministry in 1999 in Gaithersburg, MD. The Holland family enjoys being involved in discipleship, small groups, marriage counseling, hospitality and leadership training. They run a church, a 24-hour prayer center, a Christian film school, a family counseling center, and a Messianic school of music and arts. Their vision is to be a compelling, Messiah-centered, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community revealing the true face of Yeshua (Jesus) to Israel and the nations. Check out King of King’s website for more info.  
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